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Dr Nele Juntson

Ortopaedist / languages: Estonian, English and Russian

Dr.Juntson got medical degree from University of Tartu and graduated in 2015. After that she started main residency in orthopaedic surgery because she was very interested in treating different traumas.
During her residency years she worked in different hospitals around Estonia.
Dr.Juntson passion for trauma sent her throughout her studies. She attended AO Trauma Basic and Advanced courses. Also she took part in AO seminars (foot and ankle fractures, wrist and hand traumas etc).
Dr.Juntson finished residency in 2020 and started working in Northen-Estonian Regional Hospital in Tallinn.
At first she specialised in foot and ankle surgery but soon came back to treating trauma.
Most of her everyday work right now is diagnosing, treating and following up trauma patients.
Thanks to training in different hospitals dr.Juntson has general knowledge in many orthopaedic problems ( overuse syndromes, deformities, arthrosis etc).