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Sports medicine health examinations

The investigation will be done on a stationary bicycle or treadmill.During the health investigation, a sports doctor will perform a full examination, ECG and spirography and additional tests, if medically indicated. During the check-up, you will get an overview of your health and physical capabilities.

Young athlete's health examination

In collaboration with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, all children up to 19 years old (inclusive) can get a health check-up for the price of a regular visit. Please fill in the health questionnaire (in Estonian/Russian) at home and take it with you to the health examination.

Package 1

Doctor's appointment and consultation, ECG, spirography, blood tests*.

Package 2

Doctor's appointment and consultation, ECG, exercise test, spirography, blood tests*.

Package 3

Doctor's appointment and consultation, ECG, cardiopulmonary exercise test (including VO2 max, determination of aerobic and anaerobic threshold), spirography, testing of lactate level**, blood tests.

Package 3+

In addition to Package 3 the measuring of basal metabolic rate is included.

Package 4

Pulmonary exercise test for assessment of exercise-induced asthma, consultation.

*Blood tests

Packages 1 and 2 (hemogram, creatinine, erythrocyte sedimentation rate). Package 3 (hemogram, creatinine, ferritin, Mg, erythrocyte sedimentation rate). In addition to the tests included in the main packages, additional tests can be carried out. For pricelist and information please visit: **Test includes four lactate measurements. Each additional lactate measurement costs 4 euros.