Marii Meinberg

Physiotherapist / languages: Estonian, English and Spanish

Marii received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Tartu, also participating in a student exchange program in Comillas Pontifical University in Spain.

After which, she completed her master’s from the University of Gloucestershire in England with an integrated placement year at Mart Poom’s Football Academy.

Since then, Marii has worked as a sports physiotherapist in the following football clubs: Raplamaa JK and FC Flora.

Taavi Metsma

Taavi Metsma is a recognised physiotherapist and instructor.

Taavi Metsma graduated from Tartu Health Care College (specialisation in physiotherapy in 2009) and the University of Tartu (Master’s degree in health sciences in 2013). In addition, he is a qualified rehabilitation specialist and a technician of assistant devices. He mainly specialises in musculoskeletal physiotherapy (acute and overload injuries, postoperative recovery and persistent pain issues). In his work, Taavi values modern evidence-based approaches; therefore, he enjoys reading professional literature, he refreshes his knowledge participating in training courses and he occasionally passes on his accumulated knowledge as an instructor. As a physiotherapist, he believes that good communication is the basis for successful collaboration and that problems can be better solved and goals reached if a personal and integral approach is applied.

Laura Kõmper

Physiotherapist / languages: Estonian, English, Finnish and Swedish

Jörgen Puis


Jörgen Puis helps people overcome various injuries, whether these are fears of moving after surgery, neck stiffness behind an office desk or a ‘pulled’ quads injury while playing football. These are just few of the problems that can be solved by Dr Puis.

Jörgen doesn’t think of himself as a scientist or superman; his job title is physiotherapist. However, with his many years of experience and continuous self-development, he also calls himself a good practitioner.

Puis enjoys working together with people. The emphasis is on the word ‘together’ because a great recovery needs good cooperation and consistency with the client. “Together we will build a strong foundation, and consistency makes it even stronger,” Dr Puis promises.

Jörgen’s goal is to find more efficient ways to restore people’s health and quality of life so that they are able to do the things that matter most in their lives without being preoccupied.

Putting the mottos aside, in his free time he likes to play disc golf, go to the gym and read both professional and investment literature.

Raiko Karpov


Raiko Karpov has been practising sports all his life, including at the international level. His professional journey began at Tallinn University, studying in the Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences. Thereafter, he continued studying physiotherapy at the University of Tartu. Raiko has complemented his skills by studying at the Estonian Massage and Therapy School.

He has been practicing physiotherapy for four years and works with professional football players at a football club on a daily basis. He is also a physiotherapist for the Estonian national youth team at the international level (U18).

Raiko tries to identify the cause of pain using a series of tests and based on the person’s medical history and sets goals for gradually strengthening the client’s skeletal and muscular system and preventing the same problem in the future.

Sten Siitam

Sten Siitam is a physiotherapist and rehabilitation physician.

He got his Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from the University of Tartu in 2015 and Master’s degree in 2017.

Since 2015, he has been working with football and handball players of various sport clubs and youth teams and at the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic of Tartu University Hospital. He is specialised in treating orthopaedic injuries, post-surgery physiotherapy and prevention of injuries in athletes.